The Portrait Pageant

A pageant to challenge dollers everywhere!

Round Three

Round Specific Rules

*your portrait must have a main focus of hair

*the hair must have at least (but not limited to) two colors

Pageant Rules

*doll does NOT have to be the same character, but you must use the same base

*if you haven't entered the first round, you are still permitted to enter future rounds.

*no animation, background, or props

*doll must be a portrait

*baseless is allowed but all of the dolls must look like they came from the same base set

no gore, but boobie nudity is allowed

*all humanoid characters are allowed, male and female

*all work must be new and made for the purpose of the pageant. no frankenbasing or stealing other peoples work.

*you may submit two different entries.

*pixeled and tooled dolls welome.

Submitting Your Entry

The deadline is February 15th, 2014. 

Please send all of your entries to [email protected] 

NOTE: Please submit images on a white background. I apologize for this, but Webs has been having problems with transparent images.