The Portrait Pageant

A pageant to challenge dollers everywhere!




I've been dolling for about 7 years and I wanted to make a pageant that challenged dollers to do something normally very difficult for pageants. I can't wait to see some amazing style and incredible details!


I have been dolling since 2007, and my favorite part is the creative aspect. I love giving shape to the ideas in my head, and I especially love looking at the product of other dollers' inspiration as well. To win me over, you should go the extra mile with your ideas, make sure your entry stands out in the crowd, and include plenty of color and details!


Ela has been dolling since November 2005. She has always preferred to pixel-shade her dolls, but loves looking at both tooled and pixeled dolls. Since this is a portrait pageant, she'll be looking for awesome hair, pretty palettes and entries that fit the theme well.